Health and Safety Policy

The management of Legend Mining Inc. are committed to protecting and preserving the health and safety of our employees, our clients’ employees and all others that interact with any aspect of our projects or operations.

At Legend Mining we expect our management and employees to conduct themselves in a professional and safe manner at all times. This can and will be done by every employee at Legend Mining by always leading by example in everything we do on and off the job.

We will always meet or exceed regulatory rules and laws as well as client policies.

We will ensure that every employee has the proper training in every job that is done. Training is the first step, we will also make certain that proper tools, equipment, and procedures are in place.

We will concentrate every effort possible to remain proactive as we continue to introduce new training methods and safety standards that will set the new standard of being the safest in every job or task we do.

We will investigate every incident, accident, near miss no matter the magnitude of each event.  These events will be investigated with the proper personnel including the most senior management if necessary to identify the cause. All lessons learned will be communicated throughout the company.

Each project will have its own challenges and solutions, but all have the same goal, to send every employee home happy, safe and sound every single day without exception. We will strive to ensure we meet that exact goal. At the end of the day the most precious commodity we have is to maintain our employees’ health, safety and to continually look for ways to improve health and safety standards.